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Doctor Who Online Adventures was my brain child. Hello I’m Brendan Sheppard, series producer and director and welcome to the Doctor Who Online Adventures website.I’m going to get the formal bit out of the way first ok? We have this our very cool website, our exclusive Facebook group where you can chat to us, our IMDB page (oh yes!) and our twitter feed. All of which will serve to keep you updated with the series.Now… Let’s look back….The History of Doctor Who Online AdventuresIt wasn’t always called Doctor Who Online Adventures, it was originally called Dapol Doctor Who and it started officially in 1994 with a story called “The Mellicous Mission”. I filmed it in 3D, obviously Dimensions In Time had a huge impact on me! When I filmed it, it was a promising start but I decided not to do anymore until 1995, when I scripted a series. I decided to use titles that had already been Doctor Who stories as I didn’t have the technology at the time to create stunning title sequences.

The first one was “The Keeper of Traken”, the next was “Warrior’s Gate” then “Full Circle” (maybe season 18 had a bigger impact on me than I first thought or maybe these were the ones being re-run by UK Gold at the time) I made them all using my Hi8mm camera and they were all filmed in and around where I lived in Northern Ireland with my friend Glen Kilpatrick and together we formed Planetary Productions. 

In 1997 I made one more but can’t remember what the title was. I remember experimenting with linear editing as I had access to a linear edit suite at the college where I studied and I used all my college friends to do the voices. As far as I am aware, all these early episodes do survive as I backed them all up onto DVD years later!I was not to revisit the brand until 2005. When the new series started, I had a flash of inspiration. By this time I was fully fledged Assistant Producer at the BBC and I thought it would be cool to dust off the old figures and have a go again.

I spent a long time building the interior TARDIS set and buying figures off eBay! Anyway, production on “Prisoners of Arriton” began on a cold October day and ran for three days. I added what effects I could in lightwave, did some audio post production using Final Cut Pro (or was it Adobe Premiere?) then I uploaded it to YouTube and forgot about it.In 2008, I was curious to see that hundreds of thousands had watched the first three episodes of Arriton and had demanded more episodes. I then teased them with a script I had been thinking about called “The Tombs of Ice”.

In late 2008 I made the story, and in fact planned an entire season. I popped it up weekly on YouTube and it took some time, but eventually people started finding it. Next came “Rise of the Sea Devils“. This was one of my favourites actually. By then I had three more idea’s but I started approaching other writers and one future script editor, M. Justin Parsons, approached me. So, “The Secret Warrior” and “Siege of the Cybermen” were born. The boys turned in terrific scripts and I really enjoyed the sets for Aaron’s story with the CGI windows! Great fun! It was all leading to my finale – “The Time Assassin”. I had sprinkled hints of it throughout the first series and Episode one of this story is still my favourite single episode. Rex Duis also joined us in this episode and that was a huge benefit for the growing team as his voice talents over the years have been a key ingredient to the shows success.It was then that Infinite Hollywood an American website contacted me to ask me about the series.

I remember doing a full interview about it. Then of course there was Heart FM and recently BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to follow.By Series 3, Doctor Who Online approached me to ask if the series would like to be featured on their site. I agreed, and thus a name change was born, Dapol Doctor Who became Doctor Who Online Adventures. We were to stay with DWO for only one series, the fifth, in which Chris Clark our excellent CGI artist joined us and we introduced the Eighth Doctor, however by the conclusion of Series Five, we were back with the seventh Doctor. I have no idea why we settled for the seventh Doctor, it was probably to do with fact that, at the time, The Seventh Doctor was the only one available from Dapol.So, as I sit here swamped in Series 6 scripts I can tell you, you have an awful lot to look forward too. Series 6 is going to be our biggest yet – a new companion, some old enemies and a brand new one you never know who might turn up toward the end, one things for sure, the journey is far from being all over….

Dr Who Online Adventures - Meet the TeamDoctor Who Online Adventures - Brendan Sheppard

Who was my favourite Doctor? Well they say it’s the one you grew up with so it must be Peter Davison right? Hang though, I like David Tennant too, and Tom Baker and… Ok Ok, they are all good ok?I developed my love for Doctor Who during the 1980s, that scary theme tune, the Daleks, Cybermen, Five Doctor’s, Two Doctor’s then no Doctor until 1996! My career as a TV Director &Producer has taken me in all kinds of directions from Sky channels, to ITV and all the way to the BBC. I directed DinoSapien, Nelly Nut and created CBBC eXtra which is still on today! But for four years I worked on the Doctor Who DVD range as a Producer/Director. That was so much fun and took me all over the world. Today, I’m the series Producer/Director on DWOA and a Media Teacher! Loving life – it’s fun but enough about me meet the rest of my merry men!

Doctor Who Online Adventures - M. Justin Parsons

M. Justin Parsons first developed his love of science-fiction and fantasy whilst growing up watching the original Star TrekStar Wars and, of course, Doctor Who.  Determined to add his own contribution to this amazing genre, Justin studied the craft of writing for television and film.  One of his greatest dreams had always been to write for Doctor Who, his favourite series, but assumed it was the impossible goal.  Justin’s discovery of Dapol Doctor Who (later renamed Doctor Who Online Adventures) provided the perfect opportunity to join the Doctor on his incredible journeys through time and space!


Hi there, I am Chris, originally from Lockerbie Scotland. I’m a graduate from the University of Cumbria, Carlisle. My field of study was a Fda Arf of Games Design, where i specialised in Digital Painting and animation. I also learned other programs such as 3Ds Max, UDK and Zbrush. I am attempting to get into the video games industry and set myself up as a freelance artist.I became a whovain when  Rememberance of the Daleks first aired and have been hooked on the show ever since. Getting to work on DWOA series 5 was a dream come true also because of the Cybermen, as they are my no1 favourite monster.

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