1.1 – Doctor Who – The Prisoners of Arriton

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The planets of the Arriton system have mysteriously vanished, save for Arriton II. The Doctor and Ace investigate, only to discover they are not alone…


Now captives of the Daleks, the Doctor and Ace soon realise they are not the only prisoners on Arriton II, but what secrets lie within an abandoned shipwreck?


In a desperate effort to save a dying race, the Doctor subverts the Laws of Time. But can he stop the Daleks from repeating history?


I watched Prisoners of Arriton. I am naturally skeptical at first of any minifig movie, but I was quite impressed with the special effects of this one.  The sound effects and voice acting are also spot on.  It also opened similar enough to classic Who to give it that same feel of the 7th Doctor and Ace going on a new adventure.  I loved the title sequence; it was a great blend between the McCoy era and the modern titles.  The music for the theme could stand to be turned up a little though; get people excited. Transitions between CGI and real-life filming were a little jarring at times, particularly the Daleks descending where it appears they are descending on a desert planet and then they are in the jungle.  The thing that bothered me the most was the lack of facial expression. Obviously, being a minifig movie I understand this would be difficult.  That being said, it went WELL beyond my expectations, so good work!

– Jacob Leuenberger

DWOA have produced top quality Figure Adventures for several years now. It started off promisingly with ‘dapoldoctorwho’ with a brilliant opener: ‘Prisoners of Arriton’. From then on I was hooked!  DWOA have the ability the use CGI and action figures in perfect harmony. There are very few who can match this level of quality! Although I was sceptical about the move to DWO, I was proven wrong. The story arc for series 4 was very interesting with an unexpected plot twist at the end. Kudos to Brendan Sheppard and Rex Duis. They are fine voice actors, their impressions very close to being perfect. Chris Clark’s CGI is also impressive! The most recent series has been a very good one. The casting yet again was fantastic as were the scripts. I can see a bright future ahead. I hope that there are many more episodes to come from the DWOA team!

– Stuart Lloyd



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    […] a long time building the interior TARDIS set and buying figures off eBay! Anyway, production on “Prisoners of Arriton” began on a cold October day and ran for three days. I added what effects I could in lightwave, did […]

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