1.2 – Doctor Who – The Tombs of Ice

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The TARDIS crash lands on a barren ice world and the Doctor locates forgotten cryogenic tombs, whilst Ace discovers that not everyone on the planet is frozen…


The Sontarans awake from a long sleep to discover that time has passed them by, but they intend to complete their lethal mission…


The Doctor and Ace work with a new ally in hopes of preventing the Sontarans from destroying the entire galaxy!


The Tombs of Ice features the Doctor and Ace trying to prevent the war-loving Sontarans from destroying the entire galaxy.
Starting on an ice world the TARDIS crash lands. It is here where they find cryogenic tombs. It is here where they find an old enemy who have bold plans.

The Tombs of Ice is a great adventure which pays tribute to the Sontarans history in the show. The references to past cannon moments makes the story a great experience for any Whovian.

– Josh Thunig

The atmosphere in this episode is amazing the from the exterior to the interior models there’s a real cold and ice feeling, one of my favourite moments is when the doctor is messing around with the desktop theme and got eccleston/tennants coral themed tardis and says “ah not this incarnation, good old grey mode” that was a great line, the midnight reference was also good, i liked how the sontarans in this story, their reveal was very well handed and really kept me thinking.

i also like that we get to see the 7th doctor battle against them as we never really saw him with the sontarans before. the war with the rutans story plays well in here, i liked how the war is practically over but the sontarans still go ahead with their plans of destroying the solar system, the story was well thought off.

the camera work wasn’t the best you could still believe you where just filming with small plastic figures, but the acting makes up for it, the 7th doctor was well performed by Brendan Sheppard, the Ace performance was well only word i can put it was ace, a great performance by Leanne James, the sontarans were amazing, Simon Ockenden definitely got the threatening war voice superbly done.

the CGI was also very good, some particle effects were a bit off, the 3D landscape shots were really good and still hold very well today.

i give The Tombs of Ice 8/10, its a great episodes to watch and one of the best directed episodes.

– Daniel J.Patton



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