1.6 – Doctor Who – The Time Assassin

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Gallifrey is plucked out of space and time, and the Time Lords find themselves under threat of death from the brutal Time Assassin…


The Doctor and K-9 attempt to lure the Time Assassin into a trap and locate the stolen Time Scoop, but this plan reveals a greater danger…


The Doctor ventures into Rassilon’s Tomb in hopes of recovering the Time Scoop, but activating its power may be a terrible mistake…


The Time Assassin makes his final move and the Doctor soon realises the killer is but a pawn in a far deadlier scheme, one that costs Ace dearly…

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3 thoughts on “1.6 – Doctor Who – The Time Assassin

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    […] for Aaron’s story with the CGI windows! Great fun! It was all leading to my finale – “The Time Assassin”. I had sprinkled hints of it throughout the first series and Episode one of this story is still my […]

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