2.5 – Doctor Who – The Dalek Trap

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A traveling merchant tortures a group of Daleks into servitude, but the Doctor suspects they are far from defeated…


Domino takes pity on one of the enslaved Daleks, and soon the Doctor enters into a no- win scenario against a murderous opponent…


The Doctor faces off against the rogue Dalek, and desperately tries to save Domino from paying the ultimate price…


I really enjoyed the series two episode ‘The Dalek Trap’ for a handful of reasons, firstly I have toyed with the idea of Daleks being slaves in some of my own stories. It was really nice to see someone else who had done the same! The Daleks are a great threat and to see them being ordered by a being not as superior was very interesting; I also liked how the Sea Devils prop were used. Domino was a lot more interesting in this episode the way how he set that Dalek free and inadvertently put himself and the Doctor at risk. Also that reveal was very exciting! Aaron J. Climas crafted what I think is one of the best in the series, it may not tie into the Nexus arc as much but that doesn’t matter. A very strong episode, easily one of the best. Four out of five!

– Luke Ryan Herbert

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