2.8 – Doctor Who – The Angel In The Attic

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A strange force pulls the TARDIS to an old mansion where the Doctor finds both trapped inhabitants and relentless predators…


With the Weeping Angels all around them, the Doctor, Guy Fawkes, and Maria discover there is no escape from the old mansion…


The Angel in the Attic, By Brendan Sheppard, is one of favourites throughout this who universe, the inspirational work connecting an old Gothic horror like house at the nigh of Christmas with the un-holy angels, creates a sinister and creepy story. Characters involved ads to common likeness of a tales similar to this; a mixed combination of personalities is much to be desired in any adventures. Production on this story couldn’t be better, the scenery, music and acting dialogue contributes to such a masterpiece, and it makes us wish Sylvester McCoy continued into the 90s. Many aspects of the weeping angels are remembered from iconic episodes 2007 ‘Blink’, 2010 ‘The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone’ and 2012 ‘The Angles take Manhattan, if he saw this Steven Moffatt would be jealous. This 2 part adventure sees the birth and death of the Weeping Angels and the terror of a Traditional House.

– Kieran Cooper

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