5.2 – Doctor Who – Heart of Steel

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Whilst the Eighth Doctor searches the universe for his lost incarnations, the Sixth Doctor faces upgrading at the hands of the Cybermen, but help may be closer than he thinks…


With the aid of a new ally, the Sixth Doctor attempts to thwart the Cybermen’s invasion plans. Soon, however, the Sixth Doctor becomes a hunted man, targeted for death…


The Sixth Doctor and his new ally put their bold strategy into action, but the Cyber Controller stands in their way, as does a far more unexpected foe…


Heart of steel, the three part serial in series 5 is possibly my favourite episode produced so far. This is for a number of different reasons. One, the excellent CGI work created by Chris Clark, you get a sense of scale, how huge the adventure is with them. Two, it’s a wonderful script written by M Justin Parsons, it’s something we have never seen before, a Cyberman who wants peace! The 6th Doctor going through the conversion process and even the 8th Doctor destroying the fleet without even thinking about it. Three, the Cybermen voiced by Rex. It’s an interesting twist on the new voices; the script also makes them seem very much like computers, processing data. Finally, the sets and the lighting really tie the thing together making it look cold and metallic. It’s a definite step up from the last series and it only gets better from there!

– Daniel Baker

Doctor Who Online Adventures have made a successful transition from their original YouTube channel and have continued to make some of the most high-quality action figure videos on the internet. One of the things that stands out to me is their impeccable use of CGI, which is very detailed and adds an extra detail that most similar videos lack. The stories are very enjoyable. A personal favourite of mine was ‘Heart of Steel,’ which introduced some very interesting themes for the Cybermen in particular. Another of the most outstanding features is the sets, creating a realistic, highly detailed environment that you would not normally expect from a figure production. Overall, it is clear that Brendan Sheppard and his team have made a series of high-quality, well thought-out productions that use action figures to their true potential. I am really looking forward to seeing what they will produce in the future.

– Sam Lloyd

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