5.6 – Doctor Who – One

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The First Doctor rescues the lone survivor of a shipwreck on a desolate asteroid, but he soon discovers they are not alone…


The First Doctor and Erasmus explore the mysterious tunnels inside the asteroid, as the Eighth Doctor and Maria find themselves surrounded by the Cyber Fleet…


The Cyber Fleet launches an all-out assault on the asteroid as the First and Eighth Doctors defend themselves, whilst Maria faces the Cyber Conglomerate…


I love DWOA, The VFX, Music and voice acting is brilliant, but my favourite DWOA is
I love this episode because i think it has the best VFX in all FA. I also like every other 8th doctor and 1st doctor FA because we didnt see much of McGann, i love the audio books because you can visualise it yourself but i like to see the adventures as it is more descriptive and fun
Although you see loads of Hartnell you do not see his adventures in colour but this episode shows me what i may have seen
I really enjoyed this episode especially the cliffhanger on part 3 as i would ask for more and more, and the starting scene with the ship battle with cybermen really pulled me into the scene and when Maria tells the story of her home planet really makes me feel there on Mizagoria

– Edward McCracken

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