5.7 – Doctor Who – Scream of the Cybermen

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The Seventh Doctor assists the Eighth as they unravel the secrets of the asteroid and evade the clutches of invading Cyber Legions…


The reunited Seventh Doctor and Maria confront the Cyber Conglomerate, whilst the Eighth Doctor must contend with the Cyber Fleet…


The Eighth Doctor battles the Cyber Controller as the Seventh Doctor struggles against the Cyber Conglomerate, and Maria must choose which Doctor to save…


This short review is going to be about Scream of the Cybermen. I have chose this story because this is one of my favourites because it is full of excitement such as the scene where the seventh doctor meets the eighth doctor for the first time and it always reminds me of the scene from The Day of the Doctor where the tenth doctor meets the eleventh doctor and it gives me the chills (but in a good way). Another reason why i like this story is because it features one of my top 5 enemies, The Cybermen, and i think the voices are more sinister than the ones from the actual show. I also like the ending of the story where it leaves everyone with a question “Which Doctor will be sent back to their own timestream?”, but poor Maria 😦

– Lewis Bostock

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