4.6 – Doctor Who – Time of the Doctor

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The Parakind are free and vow to punish the one Time Lord who dared to confine them. The time of the Doctor has come…


With the Daleks and the Parakind closing in on Gallifrey, the Doctor and Maria become embroiled in Rassilon’s end game…


Rassilon hatches his plot, the Parakind lash out at their tormentor, and the Doctor makes a crucial sacrifice to restore the Time Vortex…


For this review I will be reviewing ‘Time Of The Doctor’, Story 6 of Series 4. This is an absolutely brilliant story, which is probably my favourite of Doctor Who Online Adventures. This truly is an epic story, which introduces the brilliant invention of The Parakind, the return of Omega, and the terrible threat of the destruction of the time vortex and the universe. This also ties together multiple previous story threads which had run through the series.

This episode also made wonderful use of some brilliant Murray Gold tracks (something I wish DWOA still did). The CGI in this episode isn’t spectacular, but it does the job well. The voice acting is to a great standard. The writing is genius and is a critical part of an incredible, highly enjoyable story. The finished product is edited together well. This is a gripping episode which kept my eyes glued to the screen.

– Andrew Hunter

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