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Welcome to the Doctor Who Online Adventures News Page. As Series 6 continues this page will keep you up to date on all the latest Doctor Who action figure news and news concerning the latest series.


Latest DWOA Interview

Well it’s been a busy time lately, Planetary Productions has now merged with Word of Mouth Productions and together they have produced a brand new radio drama “Dark Times”, the third part of the Archeron Trilogy “Eternity Rises” is due out next year. In total between “One Fine Time Lord” and “Dark Times” we have raised a massive £176,000 for Children In Need. Director Brendan Sheppard would like to thank everyone involved for their time, dedication and passion for the project. “To be honest” says Sheppard, “Dark Times was a mammoth task with lots going on behind the scenes, but Jared worked his fingers to be bone producing a fine piece of audio drama and a huge thanks must go to David Keogh who helped launch Dark Times. The launch event was astounding, it was held at the Tattersall Castle a beautiful river boat over looking the Thames with the London eye bearing down on us all, it was full of glitz and glamour, my heart felt thanks goes out to everyone who helped make it, I know there was a huge number of you worked very hard to make it happen and I know you are looking forward to it again next year.” Sheppard is giving little away about the final part of the Archeron trilogy “Eternity Rises is the final episode, it is a huge story and it stars a lot of the cast from the previous two parts… But that’s all I’m saying” and what of Sophie Aldred and “Family”…?

“Well I’m super proud of this story, it definitely one of the best ever DWOA stories. I am really glad we are airing it over Christmas because our Christmas specials are always something very very special. I’m thrilled Sophie took part and that is all thanks to Word of Mouth as I recently directed a production of The Snow Queen in which Sophie was the lead narrator and played the part of Gerda. I asked her if she would do it and I was so happy when she said yes. So it’s game on for the first story of the seventh DWOA series. Thanks Sophie.”

We wanted to know what Family was actually about so we probed deeper…

“Well, the Doctor has vanished from our universe. No one knows where he is – but through the prophecy casket someone is sending a message as to his location. But can the Doctor’s family help him and what exactly are the Vocantem? It’s sure to be a real treat as old friends reunite to save the Doctor but of one thing I am certain – no one will see this ending coming…!”

And what can you tell us about Series 7?

“All I can say is that it comprises of three, three part stories, all of which lead to an epic DWOA conclusion. The series sees lots of people from behind the scenes reunite and there are loads of people I’m very keen to work with again, our three stories comprise of one old enemy, ok maybe two and there is a very “Tom Baker era” feel about them anyway it’s sure to be one of our biggest series yet with a whole host of stars joining us to do the voices. I can’t wait to get started on them”

When will we be seeing them?

“Next year… Sometime…!”

And what after series 7…?

“Series 7 will be the final series, we are not saying we won’t do any more specials, but in terms of “series” that will be it. I don’t think people really realise the amount of time and effort that go into making the show. Without doubt the longest part is production and post production often this can take several months and despite having our highest figures ever for Series 6 maintaining the quality is always difficult. So best quit whilst you are a head”

Can you tell us anything about the final story of Series 7 then?

“Yes – it’s called “Sleep” and it will be the final Seventh Doctor story before the Paul McGann TV Movie and we all know what happens next… It’s a wonderful story that I have had in my mind for 7 full years and there have been little hints dropped about it from Day 1 of DWOA. When you string them all together it becomes a thing of beauty.”

Anything exciting happening behind the scenes?

“Some very exciting things happening. We have a new casting director for DWOA, a brand new producer for “Eternity Rises” and several people are returning back to DWOA. Rex Duis our wonderful VO artist and last years casting director has moved on to new projects and we wish him the very best, but Justin Parsons will be back next year and will be penning one final DWOA! It seems that the crew are changing but that’s only to be expected, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone involved in the series and I have many people to thank. There are times I wish we could gather in a pub and celebrate this epic series”

“You know I never dreamed that DWOA would have ever been as big as it became. I remember when Prisoners of Arriton passed 12,000 hits on YouTube I simply couldn’t believe it. The requests for more keep coming even today, nothing has ever been so big in all my life and I simply adore it and I adore the people I work with they are wonderful, yeah sure certainly there have been disagreements over the years, but I feel that those disagreements only serve to make the show better. I love making it and I hope the audience love it, after all, we all do it for fun!”

Here’s to Series 7!


SOPHIE ALDRED guest stars in the DWOA Christmas Special thanks to Word of Mouth Productions

So, thanks to Word of Mouth Productions (who have now taken over from Planetary Productions) they have specially recorded Sophie Aldred in the Christmas special !

Head over to hear their latest products starring SOPHIE, TERRY MOLLOY and CHRISTOPHER RYAN!


Brand new audio company launching DARK TIMES

So, it’s all complete. The second part of the ARCHERON Trilogy. But the trailer and the poster are being held back as Word of Mouth Productions, the company that will launch the drama are issuing a challenge to Doctor Who fans! It’s a very exciting prospect!!! Get downloading, we’ve heard the Ghost stories and they are absolutely wonderful and especially spooky for Halloween!

So.. DARK TIMES is nearly here, the poster is complete the trailer is complete the production is complete… But if you’d like the poster and the trailer before November 10th then I have a challenge for you all!

Word of Mouth Productions has just released GHOST STORIES UK for Halloween, if we can get just 150 more downloads before Halloween then we’ll release the DARK TIMES material and boy is it worth it!!!!!

Head here now:


Billy Hanshaw inspires new Doctor Who Title Sequence

When pre-production on Series Five of DWOA began, Series Producer Brendan Sheppard started searching the internet for someone to create a new title sequence for the show. After viewing many fan created idea’s he came across Billy Hanshaw. “I contacted Billy on YouTube to see if he would be interested in creating the title sequence for Doctor Who Online Adventures” says Sheppard, “His Matt Smith title sequence really captured the spirit of what we were trying to achieve and also it was so beautifully crafted and original I simply fell in love his work. I really wanted the title sequence to bleed into the pictures and the Jon Pertwee-esq rib like structure really excited me – I also wanted the same thing for the closing and Billy quickly produced a remarkable title sequence. He was SUCH a nice chap to work with and his portfolio is stunning.”

Recently it has been revealed that Billy’s Peter Capaldi title sequence has inspired the brand new 2014 BBC TV Series titles and we encourage you all to see the concept video on his site or below! Congratulations Billy!!


Doctor Who Online Adventures Three Night Special & Final Titles Revealed!

“Our Trilogy featuring the Universal Guardian will begin with a BANG!” says series Producer, Brendan Sheppard. “You will be able to watch Run over three consecutive nights starting Friday and then straight into the next story Betrayal back in it’s usual time slot” It’s a rip roaring action adventure saga over 9 complete episodes with CGI that is simply stunning from CGI, excellent voice work from Rex’s casting genius and scripts from the greatest scripting teams on Earth! It’s like nothing you’ll have ever seen before on Doctor Who Online Adventures as we lead toward our massive series finale.

Which bring us on to the next piece of news, the final story of the trilogy is written by M Justin Parsons and entitled Sacrifice and then you’ve got a very special series finale known only as “Family” and written by series producer Brendan all he will tell us about the finale is “You’ve heard the Proclamation now the table is set…..” and the image that he’s presented on the DWOA Series 6 website is suitably cryptic!

Finally, incase you were wondering Series 5 of BEHIND DWOA is back but this year it’s a series of exclusive interviews (much like the Tobias one you saw earlier) rather than a fully edited programme. So prepare to get some exclusive interviews with the team over the coming weeks. DWOA has never been so busy!!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.30.49

Who is the new Doctor? Take a DEEP BREATH…

The BBC have announced that Series 8 will start on 23rd August with a feature-length episode “Deep Breath”. A new teaser trailer has been released to coincide with the news.

Cover 1 - Magical Maggie Cover-2---Magical-Maggie Cover-3---Magical-Maggie Cover-4---Magical-Maggie

Doctor Who Online Adventures Series Producer reveals he is the author of the hit new range of Children’s iBooks!

This is an exciting piece of news a brand new set of children’s interactive books has been released by DWOA Series Producer, Brendan Sheppard. With brand new artwork drawn by artist Karen Davies these stories chart the life of a new magical fairy known as “Maggie”. Not much is know about where she comes from however as events unfold Maggie finds herself drawn into a strange world of talking cats, ageless ornaments and a very unusual enemy hidden in the darkest recesses of the attic above. Stand by for adventure and excitement as these books come to life with a quiz to play, specially written music and interactive features – plus keep your eye on the narrative because not everything is as it seems! The books are great for kids of all ages and are available now from the iBooks store priced just 99p each. Click on the book above to be taken to the iBooks store or type in Brendan Sheppard in the iBooks store.


BatmanMarch and Doctor Who Online Adventures Cross Promotion!

This is a very exciting time to be a fan of figure adventures because today DWOA are now cross promoting with Batman March!

Matthew Toffolo of BatmanMarch Productions says: “As two of the longest running action figure series on YouTube, it seems fitting that Doctor Who: Action Figure Adventures and Doctor Who: Online Adventures should come together to promote the alternate adventures of our favourite time traveller. While the 7th Doctor battles new evils in DWOA, the 8th Doctor is forced to take sides in a war that only he can end in DWAFA – 2014 is a big year for both of the Doctor’s incarnations!”

Brendan Sheppard, Series Producer of DWOA and owner of Planetary Productions says “When people first saw action figure stories on YouTube I’m sure they must have thought that the format wouldn’t work or be engaging people both young and old, I think BatmanMarch and Planetary Productions have proven time and time again that in fact this method of producing programmes maybe new and have certain limitations but it can be engaging and it can be entertaining. We are so excited that BatmanMarch and DWOA have come together like this – who knows – with Matthew starring in an episode a little later in Series 6 it maybe time for a team up… Ooh that would be interesting!”

You can now access BatmanMarch’s site via the link to the right or by clicking the banner below:

Doctor Who Banner



Thanks to everyone who entered the iPad competition. We had over 300 entries in the end and the random name generator has picked out: JONATHAN CLEVESFORD from SWANSEA! Well Done Jonathan your iPad’s in the post! Also watch out our competition on the main page has also been updated!!!!



One Fine Time Lord - Doctor Who One Fine Time Lord - Doctor Who Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 22.22.49

Last year Doctor Who Online Adventures, in association with Anglia Ruskin University, DWO and Planetary Productions put together a brand new full cast, hour long audio drama in aid of the BBC Children In Need appeal. In the end the production raised over £70k and this year the same production team has been commissioned to tell the next chapter in the trilogy.

This year we are looking for voice actors to take on the lead roles and join our special guest star actors in this unique professional audio experience!

The audition dates are the 14th and 15th June and they will take place at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. They are completely open auditions ANYONE regardless of acting experience can audition.

We currently require:

Several adult Male & Female actors aged between 20-70. Two young male actors aged around 14-17. If you have auditioned before please feel free to audition again as these characters are very different from the ones in One Fine Time Lord.

If successful in gaining a part you will need to be available for the recording in Cambridge which will take place all day on Sunday the 13th then the evenings of 14th and 15th July.

To book your audition slot you will need to contact the shows producer Kim Bates. Email her on: Any questions please ask Kim. Please do be quick as audition spots are likely to fill quickly. You can watch the auditions from last year, plus a special behind the scenes video and listen to One Fine Time Lord at

We can’t wait to hear from you!


WIN AN iPAD with DWOA Series 6!

Well the new series is upon us. In order to win an iPad 4 simply watch the video below. The question is contained within it. Once you have your answer email: entries close on Midday May 30th, the winner will be announced during Episode Two’s airing at 7pm.  Don’t forget the main competition.



Final Casting News on Doctor Who Online Adventures Series 6.

Some last additions to the cast to round out our previous announcements.

The penultimate story, Sacrifice sees the return of Jon Severity as Rassilon and Billy Miller as Castellan from Father of Time. It also sees Ollie Gallant join the cast in a special role. Ollie is a radio DJ on Touch FM Warwickshire.

Rex Duis:”Ollie first put himself forward during my open castings late in 2013 and sent me a couple of reminders that he was keen to be involved. I wasn’t sure what role would best suit him and if I would have anything this year, but then the perfect part came up and it was rather special.”

Series 6 of DWOA includes several ties with One Fine Timelord, our successful Children in Need radio play from last year and last Christmas saw Iain Dootson reprise his role as Lord Archeron in The Father of Time, this season sees Tegan Harris who previously played Archeron’s daughter Alandria join DWOA as another character.

Rex Duis: “I’m really pleased we’ve managed to bring a few of the One Fine Timelord team back together for DWOA. Phil Clements for example has written a story for us this year and had appeared as a Gallifreyan journalist in OFT, but as it was a radio production we were unable to offer any of our talented cast members IMDB credits, so it’s satisfying to be able to offer professional credits for them in DWOA and I hope to entice a couple of other OFT cast back for appearances in future stories.
When I was casting around for Ace I remembered hearing an actress in a fan production who’d done a really brilliant impression and tracked her down, only to find to my astonishment that it was none other than Tegan from OFT! It’s really hard bringing back the feel of classic series characters without the original actors but she’s given a really good performance and I’m sure everyone is going to love her as Ace.”



More casting and story news from Doctor Who Online Adventures as production of the audio moves onto the last stories of series 6.

Joining us for the 4th story, Betrayal by JR Mortimer, is Vic Mignogna. Vic plays an engineer called Vaylor who’s been press ganged into a war by General Nylan (played by the previously announced Simon Fisher-Becker).

Casting Director Rex Duis says “We were extremely lucky to get Vic for DWOA this year. I was passed his details via a friend I worked with on a Star Trek Enterprise fan animation and though he was very happy to take part he’s a very busy man and I wasn’t sure if he’d get time to record for us before the deadline. I had the same situation with Bhasker Patel and luck must be on my side as both of them managed to find time to record for us at the last minute.

Vic is well known to sci-fi fantasy fans for his involvement in various Star Trek fan films, playing both Klingons and Captain Kirk himself. He is also a hugely accomplished voice actor in dubbing for Japanese Anime shows into English and has an impressive list of IMDB credits. Vic is a self-confessed fan of Doctor Who and this will be his first involvement with the show.

Another new name to join the cast in the final story is Ben Peyton. Rex says “Ben was actually one of the earliest professional names to come forward to DWOA, back in October 2013. He was interested in being involved and recommended a friend of his might be too. Thanks to Ben we were able to cast the excellent Ian Cullen in last years New Year’s special Father of Time, but I didn’t have a role for him in that story, so I’m glad to include him in the cast for this series”.
In addition to acting credits in Holby City, Emmerdale, Band of Brothers and 2 years on The Bill, Ben has also provided voice work for the new series of Doctor Who, playing one of the Avatar voices in ‘The Lodger’.

Some more story titles for the sixth series of DWOA are now being released and the series currently looks like this:
6.1 – POSSESSION – by Brendan Sheppard (3 parts)
6.2 – PROCLAMATION – by Phil Clements (3 parts)
6.3 – RUN – by Tim Trewartha (3 parts)
6.4 – BETRAYAL – by JR Mortimer (3 parts)
6.5 – TBA – by M. Justin Parsons (3 parts)
6.6 – TBA – by Brendan Sheppard (3 Parts)
Also you have a chance to win an iPad courtesy of GiffGaff one hour before Possession – Part 1, details will be released here on the news page, on our twitter and Facebook group in the run up to the series launch!  It’s very exciting!



DWOA is currently looking for reviewers to write entertaining and fun reviews of DWOA stories. The reviews will be added to the stories page above the photo gallery. In time we will extend our reviewers to review episodes of Doctor Who as and when they are released by Big Finish or BBC WW DVD. But in the meantime if you would like to become a Doctor Who Online Adventures Reviewer then send a review of no less that 100 words of any DWOA story to: please put in the subject I WOULD LIKE TO BE A REVIEWER.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!


image-2.php image-4.php image-3.php image-1.php


The broadcaster British Pathe has released a large collection of newsreels on their YouTube page. Of interest to Doctor Who are ones featuring Peter Cushing, Jon Pertwee and The Yeti!
Alastair White, the general manager of British Pathé, said of the unprecedented release:
Our hope is that everyone, everywhere who has a computer will see these films and enjoy them. This archive is a treasure trove unrivalled in historical and cultural significance that should never be forgotten. Uploading the films to YouTube seemed like the best way to make sure of that.

German online TV channel Mediakraft has managed the project and is to create new content with British Pathé material. It said:

While the British Pathé archive is available online via their own website,, going public on YouTube will create a new user experience. Viewers can comment, share and embed the historic videos and thereby add another dimension of context to the British Pathé archive.In addition, it is very likely that the community will find hidden gems in the enormous video library that have not been discovered by the archivists yet. British Pathé, Mediakraft and YouTube are very excited to see the interaction of the online video community with the fantastic archive of history.

Of particular interest to Doctor Who fans will be the film clip of the 1967/68 Schoolboys’ and Girls’ Exhibition at Olympia, which at the start briefly shows a Cyberman and Yeti with onlookers, as well as the 1959 film Park Rangers, in which a police box is put to use (1:51). Also in the archive is the 1955 newsreel Waistcoat Club Aka Waistcoats For Women, which includes footage of Jon Pertwee and Jean Marsh, who were married from 1955 to 1960 (0:49 and with brother Michael and Michael’s wife Valerie at 1:24), as well as Peter Cushing (1:36). The film states that the Pertwees were founder members of the club in 1953.More offbeat Doctor Who-related newsreels show a radio-controlled Dalek named Dodger selling university rag mags in Coventry in 1964, and another home-made Dalek plus robot and rocket in the back garden of the Sherlock family home in Horsham, which was filmed in 1967.

dwoa-logomerged2014-04-17 13.48.262014-04-17 13.48.09


Doctor Who Online Adventures is really excited to reveal Bhasker Patel will be joining the cast for season 6, playing a major role. Viewers might recognize him from Emmerdale as Rishi Sharma, but he’s also been in Only Fools & Horses, Casualty, The Bill and played an arms dealer in James Bond: Goldeneye and Kyrano in the Thunderbirds live action movie. He’s even popped up in Doctor Who, appearing as Donna’s boss in Turn Left.
Casting Director Rex Duis says “I’d been in touch Bhasker for around 6 months now, and had wanted him for this role ever since we first spoke. I just knew he would be perfect for it. But he’s a very busy man, in demand and travels around a lot filming a great number of projects, on top of his regular role in Emmerdale. So actually pinning him down took a great deal of effort and I was worried we might not be able to squeeze in a recording session before our deadlines. But at the 11th hour it’s all come together and it was such a joy to finally meet him in person and hear him play his part with a great deal of enthusiasm.

He’s a very accomplished actor with a great many credits to his name, yet a very humble and unassuming character. We’re absolutely thrilled to have him join what’s become a sparkling line of talent in what’s clearly going to be our best, and most memorable series ever!”

The recording session in Soho on 17th April 2014 also marks the first time guest stars were able to record live together for DWOA. 

“It was lovely that Bhakser was able to share scenes with Sakuntala live. There were moments where the actors started sparking off each other and it was really exciting to watch. For many reasons a lot of shows record their voice actors separately and mix together later in studio and DWOA is no exception, but I think it definitely adds an extra element to the performance to have actors together for recording.”



With Series 6 production drawing to a close and post production well underway, the DWOA team is excited to announce that DWOA is moving into it’s own studio. The studio is expected to be completed before the end of April. Click on the pictures above to see some pictures. Series Producer Brendan Shepard says, “For the last 6 years DWOA has felt a little nomadic, we’ve never been in a position to set up a permanent home but now I’m delighted to say the DWOA studio is nearly finished. The studio will include a full Final Cut Pro X edit suite, tv and sofa, it will be fully sound proofed and will be available for recording sound. It will also include a large light box area large enough to custom build sets on on future episodes, it’s extremely exciting. The studio will also be used as a small commercial venture for the residents of King’s Lynn to come and make their own music and will be available for hire with all proceeds pouring back into DWOA. It’s important we start upping our game and with this new studio on the way I couldn’t be more excited!”


Paul Smith’s new book catalogues every DVD and extra in the classic range. Our very own Brendan Sheppard produced several of the classic Doctor Who DVD extras so it will be exciting to see what the book makes of them!



As announced by Casting Director Rex Duis in the launch video below, Silas Hawkins will be appearing in the sixth series of Doctor Who Online Adventures! Rex says “We’re excited to announce Silas Hawkins will be joining us this season. He’s a very talented man of a thousand voices, so will be popping up as a few characters throughout the season. He also has a very special connection to the classic series of Doctor Who in that his father Peter was one of the original voices of the Daleks! This is Silas first work in connection to the show his Dad helped make famous 50 years ago and we’re thrilled and honoured to have him on board!”

You can check out Silas’ other work on his website:



The classic era of Doctor Who gets underway on the horror channel this week! Director of Programming Alina Florea told the press release (alongside Tom Baker) “Doctor Who is an iconic series and we are proud and excited to welcome this giant of British television to our channel. The line-up will include some of the most revered from seven classic Doctors – stories that terrified, thrilled and captured the imagination of children and adults through the decades. Doctor Who joins a long line of well-loved classic series we have endeavoured to showcase on Horror Channel over the last few years.”

Saturday 19th April kicks off at 11am with back to back Who starting with An Unearthly Child, The Mind Robber, Terror of the Autons and The Brain of Morbius (Pts 1 & 2)
Sunday 20th April continues at 11am with The Brain of Morbius (Pts 3&4) The Caves of Androzani, Attack of the Cybermen and Remembrance of the Daleks

Weekdays will start at 10am and will broadcast two episodes per day, stories scheduled so far are: The Daleks, The Seeds of Death, The Daemons, The Sea Devils and The Three Doctors



Well here it is – the launch video for the exciting sixth series of Doctor Who Online Adventures with a special casting announcement contained within as well as a few clips from the series – expect teaser trailers shortly as well! It’s never been a better time to join the online adventure!!



The popular behind the scenes series that accompanies DWOA has now been added to the DWOA website and has been specially re-edited with all the latest updates. The latest series features interviews from Billy Garratt-John, Owen Brannan, Andrew Merkelbach, M. Justin Parsons, Brendan Sheppard and CGI animator Chris Clark. Series 5 behind the scenes starts tomorrow with a special promo video for Series 6!

Link to Series 3 | Link to Series 4



Simon Fisher- Becker joins the cast of Doctor Who Online adventures. Simon has a distinguished career having not only appeared with Matt Smith in Doctor Who but also appeared in films such as Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and Les Miserable. We are thrilled to announce he will be joining us for series six.

Rex Duis, casting director for DWOA says “We also have a connection to the new series, as Simon Fisher-Becker joins the cast this season. Better known perhaps to viewers as Dorium Maldovar (aka the big blue guy), he’s appeared in a few episodes with Matt Smiths Doctor and now brings voice to a new role in Doctor Who Online Adventures. I had a great time working with Simon, who is a very funny and amiable chap!” We can’t wait for you to hear him in action!
Brendan Sheppard, series producer says “I’m thrilled that Simon is joining us. You’ll hear him in the fourth story of the series written by the talented JR Mortimer, he’s a wonderful character called General Nylan and I know Simon has brought something very special to the role!”
Rex added “Also rejoining the team are Jon Severity as Rassilon and Billy Miller as the Castellan as the story on Gallifrey continues to unfold. Jon has a wonderful deep voice that puts one in mind of Michael Gambon and we’re pleased to have him return. Billy has a connection to Doctor Who with several Big Finish credits to his name and it’s great that he’s also making a welcome return to the series”.

More cast members will be announced as they are confirmed.

Doctor Who Online Adventures - M. Justin Parsons


To find out more about the upcoming stories in Series 6, let’s have a chat with script editor, M. Justin Parsons.

Doctor Who Online Adventures: What can you reveal about the upcoming stories for the new series?

M. Justin Parsons: I can tell everyone to expect a great deal of action, tension, and suspense. The Doctor is going on quite the physical and emotional journey this series. He shall find himself under tremendous strain as a dreadful menace sweeps across the universe, and the Doctor comes to realise that he has no idea of how to stop it.

DWOA: What sort of menace is this?

MJP: A completely new and incredibly powerful type, but connected to beings from the Doctor’s past.

DWOA: Speaking of the past, will we be seeing some of the Doctor’s classic foes this series?

MJP: Anything is possible. I would say that he shall be encountering familiar faces – both friendly and otherwise – some of whom will be making their first appearance on Doctor Who Online Adventures. However, there shall be many new faces as well.

DWOA: Now that you mention new faces, the Doctor has a new companion this series. What can you tell us about her?

MJP: Her name is Perdita, and she is a soldier. As such, Perdita is not afraid of a good fight, in fact she would like nothing better! Obviously, this does not sit well with the Doctor.

DWOA: So it’s fair to assume there will be strife inside the TARDIS?

MJP: Let’s just say the Doctor and Perdita will not have the same relationship as the Doctor and his previous companion, Maria.

DWOA: Is the Doctor still coping with Maria’s death?

MJP: Clearly it does haunt him and he struggles with a sense of guilt, but new dangers force him to carry on into the challenges ahead.

DWOA: What can you tell us about the new writing team for Series 6?

MJP: I had the pleasure of working with three brand new DWOA writers: Phil Clements, Tim Trewartha, and JR Mortimer, each of whom brought wonderful ideas and impressive writing skills to the collaborative process. Our viewers are in for a treat with the fantastic stories these talented writers have delivered. They have given us some brilliant character material as well as gripping action. As always, Brendan has been the guiding hand that has kept us on track and ensured that our stories are absolutely right for DWOA.

DWOA: Final question, what does the ‘M’ in M. Justin Parsons stand for?

MJP: It changes frequently. It has stood for magnificent, malicious, misunderstood, mischievous, marvelous, misinterpreted, magnanimous, malodorous… The list goes on and on. It’s endless, really.

Stay tuned for the launch of our upcoming Series 6 teaser-trailer campaign!



Production on the sixth series of Doctor Who Online Adventures completed today with story 6.6. This officially means the series has now entered post production. Brendan Sheppard, series producer says “It has been a hell of a production period and of course Chris and Rex are still hard at work, but what people can expect next is a very exciting trailer campaign due to start shortly and expect a special video coming up early next week in which the production team will talk about the creation of series 6, we have engaged so many new voice over artists as well that to talk about them all in one go would be unkind so expect some major casting news soon too”. He also went on to say “Justin doesn’t know this, but after I read his script edited version of our finale, the ending needed a minor tweak, he’s going to get a surprise!”.

With regard to the news page on the website Sheppard says “The news page has become one of the most popular parts of the site and with various insider knowledge, we aim to examined the news page to the top stories in the Doctor Who world so pop this page on your bookmarks as we will try and bring you one major news story per day!”

So keep ’em peeled here folks!



Production on story 6.5 written by M. Justin Parsons completed today with some location work done near Kings Lynn in County Norfolk, the final recorded sequence involved working in the baking hot sun! Director Brendan Sheppard said “6.5 like 6.2 are extremely ambitious stories and required lots of location filming as well as studio based filming”. Recently DWOA acquired their own unique studio, edit suites and sound recording facility in West Winch. Production on 6.6 started this evening with a set described as “simply beautiful” and some custom made figures by the highly talented and skilled Richard Ling. Expect more casting news in the next couple of days – one person in particular has a very very special connection to the programme…..



The sixth series is well underway and the production team have completed work on 6.1 through to 6.3. 6.4 has also completed filming and 6.5 is well underway. Usually the team would edit 6.1 to 6.3 at this point but it has been decided that this year all the stories will be filmed back to back in order to allow more time for voice over recording and the extensive amount of CGI. Chris Clark, lead CGI animator says: CGI shots for 6.4 have all been rendered and post production for them will be completed by Sunday [13th April].  These shots will range, without given any plot away, from flybys to full fledged spacebattles which have been extremely complicated to achieve but ultimately easier to produce as everything has been done in 3ds max, ranging from explosions to lasers etc. Where as in series 5, those effects where added in post production. Now doing it all in 3ds max gives me far more control in directing the battles and makes them more visually pleasing. “

The story titles have clone through some discussion as well. The title for 6.6 has changed three times so far! Back in September last year the team started their hunt for new writers. Usually three writers are commissioned to write for the series and this year Phil Clements (who played the newscaster in One Fine Time Lord) JR Mortimer writes 6.4 and Tim Trewartha writes 6.3. They join Brendan Sheppard who has written 6.1 and 6.6 and M. Justin Parsons who writes 6.5. Maybe one day we’ll all find out what the M in his name stands for!

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 22.22.49


The DWOA series producer Brendan Sheppard has announced there will be a follow up to One Fine Time Lord called “Dark Times”. Last year’s Children In Need special was a huge triumph for the team that got involved and auditions are expected to start in a couple of months. More details as we get it.

Doctor Who Online Adventures


The DWOA website has had a massive facelift with all new features and even a viewing gallery!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 23.33.09


The actress Sankuntala Ramanee (Shreela from the 1989 story Survival) will join the cast of series 6 as regular companion ‘Perdita’.



One lucky winner will get the chance to win every Jon Pertwee release by answering two simple DWOA questions. Click here for more information.

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