6.2 – Doctor Who – Proclamation

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A distress call sends the Doctor far into Earth’s future, where he finds London in ruins, a creature on the rampage, and an old friend in urgent need of help…


The search is on to locate the mysterious Hall of Proclamations, but the Doctor and U.N.I.T. face competition from the Daleks and a toxic beast that even the Daleks fear…


The hideous creature reveals its true nature and the Doctor discovers the Hall of Proclamations, but can he stop the Daleks from plundering its secrets?


‘Proclamation’ is an excellent story in the ongoing series 6 arc. Firmly playing to the format’s strengths (any combination of characters can be used despite actors ageing or sadly no longer being with us) this story offers us the fantastic team-up of UNIT-era Brigadier (and Benton!) with the Seventh Doctor.
The story doesn’t just rely on this unique selling point though, and embellishes Time Lord mythology, fitting beautifully with Seventh Doctor-era themes and the darkness hinted at in those stories. This is where I started watching the show, so I’m fascinated by any stories that continue it.
The visuals are great, with lighting being used to great effect to create atmosphere, and *amazing* shots of Daleks flying through a devastated London that are stunning. These and the cliff-hanger for episode two are two stand-out moments in a very accomplished piece of writing and direction.

– Mark McManus

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