6.4 – Doctor Who – Betrayal

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The Doctor and Perdita clash over how to combat the Daleks’ latest planetary invasion, forcing Perdita to take drastic action…


Perdita leads an assault force against the Dalek Fleet, whilst the Doctor learns a shocking truth about his companion…


The Doctor finds himself torn between protecting a defenceless world from the Daleks and rescuing Perdita, who must fight the Universal Guardian…


My review of Doctor Who – Betrayal – Part 1. I loved the tension at the beginning of the story where the Doctor and Perdita were argueing over the Universal Guardian getting away as Perdita thought they should have killed him whilst the Doctor thought otherwise. You could also see Perdita’s pain as she mentioned the fact that her family were killed by him. Also she addressed very well as a soldier because she claims that she will stop the Universal Guardian with or without the Doctor’s help. That’s why I loved the first part of the episode. I loved how the Daleks were also represented , very scary and menacing ! It is yet again shown that the contrast between Perdita and the Doctor is massive as she wants to end the war by any means possible and the Doctor wants to end it peacefully, That’s one of the reasons I love this story. One of my favorite parts of this episode is when the Universal Guardian is with the Daleks and he gets rid of two of them and asks the Supreme Dalek who he obeys , the Dalek doesnt directly answer but is shown that it is frightened of the Universal Guardian. I though this was a brilliant scene and was visually , like much of the episode , very impressive due to the fantastic quality of sets and brilliant special effects. I loved the ending as it continued the feud between the Doctor and Perdita as she wants to fight the Daleks but he wants to try and fix the planets shield to remain the peace. Perdita claims that he is unstable which is quite a harsh remark , but , it is true because as one of the soldiers asks , how many Planets have fallen victim to the Daleks , in which Perdita answers , too many. The cliffhanger was really shocking as the Doctor’s “distraction” failed and Perdita shot him. This really made me want to watch the other parts straight away. Brilliant part of this story and I highly recommend watching it ! I’m off to watch the remaining parts of the story now ! 10/10 – Gripping storyline , visually impressive and a brilliant villain and a fantastic representation of the Daleks.

– Dewi Rowlands

 For Dalek fans, the penultimate adventure of DWOA Series 6 comes as quite a treat. Whilst many have criticised the use of the Daleks over the years, feeling them overused or relegated to a ‘headline grabber’ through their repeated use, weakening the true impact that Terry Nation worked so hard to devise, Betrayal takes us back to basics, revealing why the people of Earth became so transfixed with the Daleks back in the 1960s. The Seventh Doctor has never looked cooler than this, and the entire production just feels like it has leapt out of the pages of TV Century 21. The so called ‘Dark Doctor’ excels in a story that is equally dark in both tone and in lighting, whilst the Daleks, as ruthless as ever, enter the production fully formed, with a colourful past beautiful illustrated merely by their presence. This is a must watch for any fan.

– Bill Turner

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